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     Washington State pool plastering.  Swimming pool plastering and remodel, Seattle to Bellingham. 

     Most pools are concrete (gunite) with 6" pool tile under the coping.   For re-plastering, drain pool. Deep pools need scaffolding.  Waterline tile and coping will be removed if needed.  The tile bed and bond beam (top of the pool)  may need some adjustment. New coping and tile will be installed and grouted.      

1.  Curfing under the waterline tile, ladders, lights, and returns, will give the plaster a grip. Loose or delaminated plaster will be removed. 

2.  Pools are cleaned with tri-sodium phosphate followed by an acid wash. 

3.  A bonding agent is applied to the entire surface below the waterline tile.

4.  Plaster is mixed with water.

5. Plaster is then placed into the pool.

6.  Two coats with stainless steel trowels are applied.

Brush the pool to remove any plaster dust for the first two weeks and backwash filters.

8.  Diffusers are placed at the end of the hose to refill the pool.

9.  The pool surface should last at least another 15 years. 

     Call 360-299-2239. 


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